• 1. Simply check the items that you want to add to your shopping cart.
  • 2. Be sure to submit your name, email address and phone number below.
  • 3. Once you click “Submit Order”, you will be taken to Paypal to complete the transaction.
  • 4. After the payment has been made, please come back to this site to submit the details for your order.  Do not submit the order details before completing your payment.

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  • 1. Please review the package you are ordering to determine whether it’s Designer Directed or Client Directed.  If it doesn’t specify, it’s Designer Directed.
  • 2. Once we start working on a project, we will not refund or issue a credit for that project, so please review the package details before ordering.
  • 3. If you are unsure about something, simply Contact Us, before placing your order.  Remember, one of our mottos is: Not knowing the rules does not exempt you from them.
  • 4. If you’d like to make payment arrangements, don’t use this form.  Instead, Contact Us, and we will send an invoice to you, along with the payment arrangement details.
  • 5. We don’t start working on orders until they’ve been paid in full.
  • 6. We do not issue refunds on payment arrangements, but we can, in some cases, offer you a credit to be used with Anointed Fire only.


I want the Designer Directed price, but I need the Client Directed revisions. Why do I have to pay extra for Client Directed packages?

If you’ll notice, our Client Directed packages are the average price you’d pay elsewhere to get the same services.  In many cases, even our Client Directed packages are substantially less.  Our Designer Directed packages, however, are our discounted prices for Clients who’ve worked with us and learned to trust us to provide excellent services at affordable rates.  Most Designers’ prices are higher than ours because they have to spend a little of what you’re paying them to get the tools and resources they’ll need to complete the orders according to your specifications.  Anointed Fire, on the other hand, has many resources that we can use, so we don’t necessarily have to purchase extras.  But when a Client requests specifics on an order, we ordinarily have to go and purchase tools and resources to complete that order, not to mention, the extra time spent trying to design according to the customers’ specifications.

I don't like dealing with Paypal. Is there another payment method that we can use?

We’re sorry.  Currently, Paypal is our only payment option.  Please remember that you do not need a Paypal account to pay through Paypal.

I'm having trouble checking out. What else can I do?

If you’re having trouble checking out, we recommend that you contact Paypal, and in many cases, they can put the order through for you.  Additionally, you may want to try:

  • Deleting cookies on your computer.
  • Contacting your bank or financial institution.  Sometimes, financial institutions block online payments or payments of a certain amount to protect their clients.
  • Making sure you have the funds available in your account.
  • Making sure you’re using the right credit or debit card.  Many people don’t get rid of old cards, and often attempt to use them while making transactions, and their cards are declined as a result.

If after trying these steps, you are still having problems, you may Contact Us and we’ll try to help resolve the issue.

What if I get a Designer Directed package, and I don't like the design? Am I just stuck with it?

Simply upgrade your package to a Client Directed package that allows for revisions.  Please note, however, that if you pay the difference, our initial design will count as your first attempt.  Every design thereafter is still a revision.  For example, you purchase the Flyer Design package at $50, and this package does not allow for revisions.  You upgrade to the $99 package, which allows for one revision.  Since you are only paying the difference of $49, our first attempt is still counted as the design; therefore, when we redesign the flyer, we are using that one allotted revision in the $99 package.

After I pay for the service, and submit the details, what's next for me to do?

After we’ve received the information from you, there’s nothing left for you to do but wait.  Please note, that we may contact you if we have questions or need something else from you.

What if Anointed Fire is at fault? Will that still count as my allotted revision?

Of course not.  There is a difference between a correction and a revision.  If we neglect to add something to your design that you specifically requested via the order form, we will correct the issue, and it will not count as your revision.  If you verbally request something, it is not counted as a request, and therefore, your revision will be used to correct it.  We require all of our orders to be submitted via the order form.  We do not accept verbal requests.

I submitted the text for my website, but I've noticed that a few of the words are mispelled. Why do I have to pay to have this corrected?

Anointed Fire is not at fault in such cases.  We do offer editing services, but if you do not take advantage of these services, we do not offer them freely.  We encourage everyone to reread the text they send, unless they are ordering editing services.