What's the general turn-around time for website, logo and flyer designs?

Of course, it would depend on the amount of orders in cue, but generally our turnaround time is as follows:

  • Websites: 7-10 days (For 1-10 pages).
  • Flyers: 12-48 hours
  • Seals/ Logos: Up to 72 hours for custom designs, and less than 24 hours for store purchased designs.

What does Designer Directed mean?

Designer Directed means the Designer will head up the design with little to no input from the Client.  Designer Directed designs are noticeably less than Client Directed designs and the orders take less time to process.  Additionally, with Designer Directed designs, there are no revisions.  Most of our Clients who utilize our Designer Directed packages are repeat customers who’ve learned to trust us, and simply want professional designs birthed in excellence and delivered with speed.

What does Client Directed mean?

Client Directed designs are directed by you (the Client).  Client Directed packages are noticeably more expensive than Designer Directed packages because they take more time and resources that Designer Directed packages.  Most of our Clients who utilize our Client Directed packages are new customers.

Which is better for me: Designer Directed or Client Directed?

We get this question a lot, and our answer is always the same: It depends on you and what you want.  Some of our Clients come to us with ideas that they’d like to see come to life, and of course, they have to utilize our Client Directed packages because we’ll likely take more time and have to invest in more resources to carry out that Client’s wishes.  Then again, some of our Clients come to us with the basics.  They haven’t tried to visualize what the design should look like.  All they know is they want it done professionally and expediently, and for them, we recommend our Designer Directed packages.  Truthfully, 98% of the Clients who utilize our Designer Directed packages are more than satisfied with the results.  If you want some specific done, we recommend the Client Directed packages.  If not, we recommend our Designer Directed packages.

I worked with another design company who stole my money. How can I assure this won't happen with Anointed Fire?

Anointed Fire has a reputation to uphold.  We’ve worked with hundreds (if not thousands) of ministries and businesses all around the world, so we are a trusted company.

One way to tell if an organization is real and can be trusted is to research that company, and see how much they’ve invested in their own setups.  Scammers and cons often use free web services and steal items from the portfolios of other designers.

Will you put the design together first, let me see it and then I pay you?

No.  Anointed Fire is a company who operates in decency and in order; therefore, we require payment upfront before we begin working.

If I order a website from Anointed Fire, will you update the site for me?

Of course.  You can always come back and rehire us to update your site.  Our editing fees are posted on the Web Design page.

Why doesn't Anointed Fire offer prints for flyers, business cards or the like?

No worries.  We are looking to partner with a printer soon.  We’ll keep you posted.

Can I make payment arrangements for the services I want?

Yes, you can.  One of the great things about Anointed Fire is we understand that you may not have all of the funds to get everything you want when you want it, and for that reason, we allow payment arrangements.  Please note, however, that we do not start working until the full fee has been paid, and there are no refunds.  So, if you make payment arrangements, the only thing we can offer you is a credit should you cancel your order.

I want Anointed Fire to put together all of my branding. Are there discounts available for repeat customers?

We generally offer discounts on orders of $1500 or more if you (the Client) are ordering multiple services at once.  Additionally, the full payment must be paid at once…No payment arrangements.  Needless to say, we don’t give discounts for orders placed over a period of time, but we do oftentimes often incentives.

My website was designed through another company, but I want Anointed Fire to perform the design updates. Is this possible, and if yes, what should I do?

Like most Designers, we really won’t go behind another Designer to edit a site, because we don’t know everything the previous Designer has placed on that site.  Instead, we offer to create a new site and transfer the domain and information from the previous site.

Can I earn money from referring others to Anointed Fire?

Sure, please use the Contact page for more information.

I have a Seal and a Logo that I'd like redesigned? Can Anointed Fire help me with this project?

Yes, we can, but we’ll have to redesign it in our own style.

Is it cheaper to have a Seal or Logo redesigned or would it be better if I purchased a whole new design?

The price is usually the same, so it’s better to go with a new design, in our opinion.

My Logo was designed by a friend of mine, and I've had my Logo for a few years now. I want to have it upgraded or get a new Logo created, but I worry that people won't recognize my ministry? Is it a good idea for me to rebrand my ministry?

Most well-known ministries and businesses have rebranded at some point or another.  Rebranding represents growth.  If you don’t have hundreds and thousands of Clients, trying to re-establish your ministry or business’s identity shouldn’t be hard.

What's the difference between a press kit and a press release?

A press kit is pretty much a PDF website.  It is a document that lists all of the important information about yourself, your ministry or your business.  A press release is just an article written to draw attention to a person, place or thing.

I already have web hosting. Does that change the price of my website?

That would depend on whether your hosting provider is one of the hosts we work with.  If not, you will need to pay for hosting with one of the companies we work with.

Where's your photography studio?

We offer photography services in the Tampa Bay area (Florida).