We provide beautiful cover designs that sell books.  Most people who are in the market for a book decide within the first minute whether they want to purchase a book or not based on that book’s cover.  That goes to show that people do judge a book by its cover!  You may not get a second chance to make a first impression, so let us make it for you.

Once you click the link below, you’ll be taken to our publishing site, and you’ll land directly on the Book Cover Design page.  You can order a book cover or get a full publishing package.  It’s totally up to you.

What's the difference between Designer Directed and Client Directed?

With Designer Directed packages, you simply place the order, and we’ll take it from there.  You would offer up no suggestions; we’ll use the title or what you’ve told us about your book to come up with a creative cover.  With Designer Directed packages, there are no revisions.

With Client Directed packages, you tell us how you’d like your cover designed.  Most Client Directed packages do allow for one of more revisions (details listed with each package offer).

Designer Directed packages are noticeably cheaper than Client Directed packages.

Should I Go With the Designer Directed offer or the Client Directed offer?

It depends on whether you have a design already imagined or not.  Our Client Directed packages are more because they’ll take more time and utilize more resources than Designer Directed packages.  With the Designer Directed offer, you run the risk of not liking your cover, but then again, we haven’t had ANYONE to not like their cover.  So, you also run the risk of loving your cover and saving money.

Check out the Designer Directed covers below.  The client simply told us the name of the book, which was Facing the Storms of Life.  Her second book was Walking Through the Valley.

Some of Our Most Popular Book Cover Offers

Basic (No Images)
Flat Cover Design (No Images)
No Revisions ($25 for simple revisions, $50 for do-overs).
Fire Basic
Designer Directed Book Cover Design
No Revisions ($25 for simple revisions, $50 for do-overs).
Fire Standard
Client Directed Book Cover Design
Up to One Revision ($25 for simple revisions, $50 for do-overs).
Fire Premium
Client Directed Book Cover Design
Up to Three Revisions ($25 for simple revisions, $50 for do-overs).