One of the things you’ll come to know about Anointed Fire™ (if you work with us or have seen our work) is we take pride in providing quality services and products. That’s because we were created to do what we do. For us, it’s not about quantity; it’s about quality. You see, anytime we provide exceptional services and designs, our clients (you) go out and tell others about our work. Additionally, our work will speak for itself. Personally, we loathe any branding that does not give GOD glory. Professionally, we love to provide branding that gives GOD the glory. We believe that your designs alone should minister to the masses. How so? Branding should be a chip from Heaven’s block, and anyone who sees our work, should get a glimpse of Heaven.


Why Should You Work With Anointed Fire?

We’re professional, courteous, punctual and our work stands second to none (that is, of course, unless you compare us to GOD’S work…then, we don’t stand a chance). Our work reflects our beliefs, and that is: GOD is a GOD of excellence, and anything that represents HIM must reflect HIS beauty. We’ve worked with hundreds of ministries around the world, and we’ve gained the trust and respect of those who have taken a chance with us. Additionally, our prices are within reach for most ministries, whether they are new or established. We love what we do, and it shows.


Our designs are ahead of their time. As a matter of fact, Anointed Fire™ is responsible for many of the design trends that are popular (or becoming popular) today. That’s because we think outside the box, and our designs wow even the most critical of critics.


We don’t experiment on our clients.  We know you want positive results; after all, branding should not be a gamble.  We utilize the best of the best tools, products and services to give you what you’ve come to expect from us: brilliant designs that are functional.


We fear and trust GOD, and this is displayed in our courtesy and attention to detail.  We believe that every design we create should represent the Kingdom of GOD; otherwise, it’s all done for nothing.  That’s why we take the time to write the vision before making it plain.